The Reina Group consists of these companies:

company-postres-monterologo-postres-monteroPostres Montero

Postres Montero, located in the Technological Park of Málaga, was purchased by Postres Reina in 2007.
Postres Montero specialises in producing dairy desserts in glass and ceramic vessels in order to offer consumers the best product in the best packaging.
It produces its desserts based on traditional recipes with only natural ingredients.

company-postres-reinalogo-postres-reinaPostres Reina

The Postres Reina group’s headquarters is located in the Region of Murcia, in the city of Caravaca de la Cruz.
In their facilities of over 30,000 m2, they make over 1,500,000 desserts a day.
The key to Postres Reina’s success lies in using the best raw materials, preserving tradition in their recipes, high food safety standards and innovation, in order to offer the best quality products to consumers.


DoceReina Sobremesas was opened in 2011 in the city of Pombal in Portugal.
This factory is equipped with the latest facilities. DoceReina came into being from the merger of two major companies: the Spanish Postres Reina and the Portuguese Derovo, a company specialising in producing egg-based products.
DoceReina Sobremesas’ main purpose is to supply the Portuguese market and northern Spain with original, traditional products.

company-agua-de-cantalarlogo-agua-de-cantalarAgua de Cantalar

Agua de Cantalar, el nacimiento de Agua de Cantalar se encuentra a 1750 metros de altitud en el paraje denominado Sierra de Villafuentes, del Calar de la Santa, dentro del término municipal de Moratalla, en el noroeste de la Región de Murcia.
El agua de este manatial fue declarada agua mineral en el año de 1891 y distribuye agua embotellada a la zona del sureste de España.


Surivan Feel the taste, located in the region of Murcia, produces additives, flavourings and ingredients for confectionery, ice cream shops and restaurants. The new company’s main objective is to supply convenience and semi-convenience products to the Postres Reina Group’s other enterprises and Spanish and international markets

company-reina-mealslogo-reina-mealsReina Meals

Reina Meals is located in Houston, the United States. It is the latest addition to the Group and was founded with the goal of extending business to the American market, introducing the most successful traditional brand desserts.